Wooden rails for Dream Letter Board creating (letters in next listing) – Choose length and number of rails to create the Ideal Menu Display

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✓ Polished and toned plywood rails with lacquer finish
✓ Choose the needed rail quantity Choose the needed rail length
✓ Choose the needed rail quantity
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The Letters and signs for these rails are here

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The Letters and signs for these rails are here

You’ll get a set of wooden (plywood) ledges high – 20mm. You can choose the length of the rail from 50 to 250cm (19.7-98 inches) .
Also, you can choose the number of rails set from 1 to 10

Please contact us, if you want to make some changes (thicker, thinner, longer, shorter etc.)


✓ rail height – 20mm
✓ rail thickness – 12mm
✓ rail length – 50 – 250cm
✓ rail groove – 4x6mm


These rails designed for wall-mounted changeable menu board comes with an installation kit that includes spacer to adjust the height of the wall menu board and screws. double-sided adhesive tape (it will already be pasted on the rails)
Use wooden letters and signs placed in this listing https://www.etsy.com/listing/1450576129/wooden-letters-set-for-creating-dream in this rales.
You can also join rails horizontally to make your menu display as wide as you like.

Do you need additional characters or a different size? Please contact me, I will be happy to help you with this.

Additional information

Choose the length of the rail

100 cm (39.4in), 110 cm (43.3in), 120 cm (47.2in), 130 cm (51.2in), 140 cm (55.1in), 150 cm (59in), 160 cm (63in), 170 cm (66.9in), 180 cm (70.9in), 190 cm (74.8in), 200 cm (78.7in), 210 cm (82.7in), 220 cm (86.6in), 230 cm (90.6in), 240 cm (94.5in), 250 cm (98.4in), 50 cm (19.7in), 60 cm (23.6in), 70 cm (27.6in), 80 cm (31.5in), 90 cm (35.4in)

Choose number of rails

10 pcs, 3 pcs, 4 pcs, 5 pcs, 6 pcs, 7 pcs, 8 pcs, 9 pcs