Wooden Letters set for Dream Letter Board creating (rails in next listing) – choose size and volume of set to create an Ideal Menu Display

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✓ Polished and toned plywood letters with lacquer finish
✓ Choose the needed set of letters and numbers (see the picture)
✓ Choose the letters’ height (from 20 to 60mm)
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The rails for these letters are here

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The rails for these letters are here

You’ll get a set of wooden (plywood) letters. You can choose the volume of the set 125 signs (mini), 250 signs (half) and 500 signs (full set).
Also, you can choose the height of the sign from 20 to 60mm


✓ mini set – 125 letters
✓ half set – 250 letters
✓ full set – 500 letters
✓ high of the signs – from 30 to 60mm (1.2 to 2.4 inches)
Please contact us if you want to add custom words or custom rails to your personal wall menu board or want to buy several items.


These wooden signs are intended for installation to our wooden rails presented here
Also, you can use it in other installations, and ledges, but keep in mind that to install the letter you need a groove 4 wide and 6 mm deep.
Do you need additional characters or a different size? Please contact me, I will be happy to help you with this.

Additional information

Choose the height of the letters

20mm (0.8in), 25mm (1in), 30mm (1.2in), 35mm (1.4in), 40mm (1.6in), 45mm (1.8in), 50mm (2in), 55mm (2.2in), 60mm (2.4in)

Choose number of signs in a set

full set – 500 signs, half set – 250 signs, mini set – 125 signs